In 2006, the Granville Home of Hope project was introduced in an effort to raise money and help the less fortunate at a local level. Now in its 15th year, the Granville Home of Hope continues to partner with local organizations that help provide food, shelter, health care and education to Valley families. Granville Homes is proud to serve our community by partnering with these phenomenal non-profits.

While Granville has partnered with some of these organizations for years, we are always expanding our efforts to include additional non-profits. We hope that through this project, many of our neighbors in the Valley will get a chance to see the difference these groups are making in our community. If you're looking for inspiration, you'll find it in the groups listed below.

Every penny of your ticket benefits:

Angels of Grace

Angels of Grace works under a simple saying: "Be a blessing to a child." The goal of the Angels of Grace team is to be a place of refuge and healing for children in need. The team works tirelessly to create an environment of growth and stability that will enhance the lives of the children they serve. The majority of the children who come to Angels of Grace have experienced some sort of abuse or neglect.

When Angels of Grace gets called to provide service, they first attempt to fulfill the physical needs of the child with food, shelter, and medical attention as needed. Next they provide advocacy services for the child throughout any court proceedings, custody hearings, or family mediation, with the ultimate goal of reuniting children with a family member who can provide for them. If a family member is not able to care for the child, Angels of Grace helps to identify an appropriate foster family for the child.

Angels of Grace was started in 2000, and founder Lisa Casarez has over 20 years of foster care and social management experience. In 2008, Casarez opened the Angels of Grace Safe Haven Transitional Home to provide housing and independent living skills to emancipated females between the ages of 18 and 24 who were aging out of the foster care system.

Art of Life Cancer Foundation
“The Art of Life mission is to 'inspire people impacted by cancer to connect and heal through creative expression.' Recognizing that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women have a lifetime probability of being diagnosed with cancer, the impact of cancer can be felt within one’s own home, school, and workplace. The Art of Life Cancer Foundation was founded as an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit in 2014 because cancer demands more than just physical treatment, it requires personal, lifelong support that focuses on the emotional and spiritual needs of the heart, mind and soul. The Art of Life Cancer Foundation empowers individuals and families to discover the art of living through healing arts opportunities and workshops that celebrate life and inspire hope. Most notable is the “Paint it Forward” Project, which unites cancer survivors with Artists to co-create works of art that communicate a collective message of hope that has the power to transform our community. Their works of art are featured in Medical Centers throughout the Valley and showcased within the Art of Life Healing Garden, a 3-acre community project inside the Friant and Fort Washington entrance of Woodward Park. The Art of Life Healing Garden is an innovative collaboration between the Art of Life Cancer Foundation, City of Fresno, medical and art community, local philanthropists and a large band of eager volunteers. It has become a Fresno landmark, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people each year and provides: areas of reflection, a lavender labyrinth, children’s playscapes, amphitheater, as well as dedicated trees and benches. The Art of Life Healing Garden reinforces what cancer has taught us: be still, celebrate life, love openly, always remember, and fight on.” - Liz Ray, Executive Director
Breaking the Chains

Breaking The Chains is a non-profit organization located in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley dedicated to fighting human trafficking. They work with local, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies to provide rescue, relocation, restorative, and residential services to adult female victims of human trafficking.

According to the Department of Justice, California has the highest volume of human trafficking, this combined with a high poverty population and highway 99 has allowed the Central Valley to become a mecca for this industry to grow. Fresno alone has five areas that Law enforcement has identified as human trafficking hotspots, and with few resources available to assist the documented victims, direct services such as the ones that they are providing, are long overdue. Community Support is essential to all that Breaking The Chains does, and together we can break the chains of human trafficking.

CASA of Fresno & Madera Counties

CASA of Fresno and Madera Counties is a voice for abused and neglected children in our community who have been placed in foster care. These children are currently facing loneliness, health issues, a lack of stability, and a great risk of falling behind educationally and developmentally. As adults they are at greater risk of homelessness, substance abuse, imprisonment and more.

Children with a CASA volunteer are more likely to find a permanent, loving home, be connected with supportive services while in the foster care system, perform better academically, and form a stronger sense of acceptance, positivity, and achievement.

Today we have 175 volunteer advocates assisting 225 children. However, there are currently nearly 2,500 foster youth in Fresno and Madera Counties. It is our dream to be able to serve each and every one of these children.

Central California Food Bank

Since 1992 Central California Food Bank has been the lifeblood of those valley residents that would otherwise go hungry in Fresno, Madera and Kings Counties.

Currently, serving 90,000 people every week and partnering with over 130 emergency pantries, they also help support shelters, senior centers, after school programs, and other non-profit organizations that have a heart to serve those in need.

Central California Food Bank has five major programs that every month provide over a million of pounds of healthy and nutritious food for our neighbors in need. For every $1 donated to Central California Food Bank they are able to provide $9 worth of food.

Foundation for Clovis Schools


On each high school campus, there are students who face extreme obstacles that could easily affect their performance at school – but somehow they don’t let challenges get in their way. These are students who don’t expect to be rewarded for persevering through difficult times. They are “heroes in everyday life.” We call them “Students of Promise.”

The Foundation for Clovis Schools recognizes juniors in high school who are attending school on a regular basis, showing responsibility, and succeeding in school in spite of very challenging situations in their personal lives. Every student selected for recognition is eligible to receive a $1,500.00 scholarship once they graduate from high school and enroll in a four-year college, a community college or a technical school. To date more than $300,000 has been awarded to Students of Promise.

Some of the challenges that students have faced are: homelessness, foster care, abuse, critical illness, teen pregnancy, death of parents and more.

Each spring, at an “Academy-Award” style event, Students of Promise are recognized in front of parents, school faculty and administration and business leaders. A video is shown of students telling their stories and counselors and teachers sharing why the student s were nominated. As one long-time Foundation supporter commented, “As I listened to these young men and women tell their stories, my heart was breaking. But, at the same time, I was inspired. I am in awe that these young people are so wise, so caring and have such high hopes for the future. What am amazing program the Foundation has created. Bless all of you.”

As one Student of Promise said when accepting her award, “I never dreamed I would ever be recognized for anything. I was just doing what I needed to do and what was right. This makes me want to try even harder. I’m going to make you proud that you selected me for this award.”

Foundation for Sanger Schools

The Foundation for Sanger Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the students, teachers, and families of the Sanger Unified School District. It has served to bridge the gap in unpredictable and insufficient education funding from our state government. Thanks to the Granville Home of Hope fundraiser and other generous donors, the Foundation is able to preserve the programs and resources that are essential building blocks to our children's education and their future (ie: library books, supplemental instructional supplies, field trips, etc.). The Foundation for Sanger Schools has specifically reserved funds to provide holiday meals for Sanger families in need, teacher grants for the classroom, and scholarships for graduating Sanger High students.

Fresno Police Chaplaincy Program

“Partnering with law enforcement to bring hope to our community.”


(Stop Trafficking Exploitation And Liberate Through Hope)

Project STEALTH is an outreach program through the Fresno Police Chaplaincy (FPC) where trained Chaplains respond to calls for service, instead of police officers, for the purpose of offering long term solutions for at-risk youth. Mentors engage at-risk youth where they can be found; schools, homes, and in the streets with the following resources:

  • Risk/Safety assessments
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy
  • Counseling and other referral services
  • Education in the dangers of social media

Typically, police department chaplains provide support only at the time of crisis (death, accidents, violent crimes, domestic violence, etc.). The Fresno Police Chaplaincy is UNIQUE. Ours is the only known program that works long-term with at-risk youth and families. Project STEALTH is comprised of three separate programs (Domestic Violence, Youth Runaway and the School Resource Program) that interact together in providing support for at-risk youth. Mentor/Chaplains respond and continue to interact (weekly visits, counseling, trust building activities, monitoring school attendance, etc.) with at-risk youth that are identified through these programs. FPC is a vital organization that is making a positive difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families.

Hinds Hospice

The Granville Home of Hope will help support the mission of Hinds Hospice, which is to uphold the dignity and ease the suffering of the terminally ill while supporting their loved ones, and those who are grieving. Established in 1981, Hinds Hospice serves the Fresno, Madera and Merced County areas with numerous hospice care services for patients of all ages and afflictions.

We care for patients regardless of their ability to pay and in 2014, our unreimbursed care is projected to total $1.6 million. Services include the Hinds Hospice Home, outpatient hospice services, a pediatric hospice program, a perinatal hospice and infant loss program (Angel Babies/Bebitos Angelitos), The Hinds Hospice Center for Grief and Healing, formal physician education, and several thrift stores.

Parents & Addicts in Need (PAIN)

Parents & Addicts in Need (aka PAIN) is a non-profit organization in the Central Valley, specializing in rehabilitation services and support for substance users and their families. Their unique program focuses on family support services. Through their many resources, they help the drug or alcohol user and their family get the proper and personalized help needed to begin the rehabilitation process and effectively navigate the road to sobriety.

PAIN was founded in 2009 and leads the charge to communicate the truth about drug abuse to children, teenagers and young adults, elevating awareness and individual assistance. Family consulting, facilitating support groups, speaking at schools and community service groups are the primary methods by which PAIN reaches communities.

Through community partnerships and resources we help the prescription drug user get to the proper resources to begin the rehabilitation process. PAIN’s recovery rate for clients is 30% higher than the national average, and this is attributed to their commitment to educating and supporting families and long term care for addicts.


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